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gawkextlib: Gawk extensions library


The gawkextlib project provides several shared library extension packages for gawk, as well as a gawkextlib base library containing some extension API additions, useful for extension packages. These extension libraries require the use of gawk (GNU Awk) version 4.1.1 (API version 1) or later, except for the select and json extensions, which are currently supported only by gawk 4.2 (API version 2) and later. The API changes did not affect the gawkextlib base library.

Available extensions are listed on the left. Please click on each name to get more information.

How to install

Each individual extension can be installed separately. Some of them share the gawkextlib base library that must be installed first. Of course, a gawk 4.1+ is required in all cases. Extension packages are distributed mainly as source code archives.

Please check the availability of gawk, and install or upgrade it if necessary. Then download and build the gawkextlib base library, if required. And finally download and build the desired extension. The "How to install" document gives detailed instructions for the process.

How to get help and give feedback

The primary public forum is the gawkextlib-users mailing list. Free to read, but requires subscription to post messages. An alternative for people that really hate to subscribe is the more general comp.lang.awk newsgroup.

Questions, comments, suggestions, bug reports, etc. are welcome. Please read previous posts related to the topic before sending a new message.

How to contribute

New extensions are welcome! As well as enhancements of the existing ones. Prospective contributors should know the extension API of gawk. The "How to develop" document contains guidelines for creating new extension packages that can be integrated into the gawkextlib project.

Please subscribe first to the user's mailing list and send a message explaining your planned contribution. The project administrators will contact you with details about how to proceed.

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